vocational Training

Some commentators will use the term similar to learning in the workplace or training at the work site is to improve performance: “training and development”. There are also additional services available online for those who want to receive training and exceed those provided by their employers. Some examples of these services include job guidance, skills assessment, and support services. [1] During the work, training needs to follow specific steps and procedures, in particular, analyzing tasks and skills, identifying shortcomings in their performance and determining the optimal method of developing them in addition to providing capabilities, taking into account the psychological and environmental aspects, and following up and evaluating performance at close and distant periods. This is confirmed by the need for the presence of coaches or mentors who have the directions and skills necessary to play this role.

Training bag

It is a training content in the field/different fields that are used by a trainer to achieve specific goals. The training bag includes literature, illustrations, aids, training methods, training sessions and appendices collected from sources or through the reality of experiences and field practical experiences. [1] It is thus a tool of training, and a guide for his procedures, which can be used by the coach and the trainee to achieve the training goals.

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